When You Can Modify a Child Support Order?

When You Can Modify a Child Support OrderThe rules for modifying child support in Texas are very specific. You cannot simply request a modification on a whim, such as if you get angry with the other parent. It is advisable that you work with a Conroe child support attorney who can make sure that you present a logical and compelling case.

Rules Governing Modification

Your Conroe child support attorney will tell you that in order to obtain a modification from a Texas family court you must show a “material or substantial change,” either in the needs of the child or the situation of one of the affected parents. There is a specific time restriction as well. Section 154.182 states that the changes must have occurred since either:

  • The date of the last order
  • Or the date that a mediation or collaborative agreement was reached
  • Or three years have passed since the last modification and the requested modification reflects either a $100 or 20% or greater difference.

Grounds for Modifications

It is very likely that following a divorce modification requests will need to be made on several occasions. After all, the children are under the umbrella of child support until they are 18 or finish high school, and during so many years the material, health, and personal issues of both parents and children change substantially.

Your Conroe child support attorney will discuss with you appropriate grounds for filing, but generally you may file if:

  • The child’s health has changed significantly
  • The child’s needs require more money
  • The supporting parent lost his job or got a raise
  • The custodial parent inherited a substantial amount of money or got a large raise

As with all divorce and child custody issues, it is far better if the two parties can come to an agreement prior to taking the matter to court.

A Conroe child support attorney Can Help You with Your Modification Order

If you need to file for a modification of child support, be sure to work with a Conroe child support attorney who will fight for your rights. Call Peterson Law Group today at 979-703-7014 or 936-337-4681.

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