Doing Business in Texas — Increasing Your Bottom Line

dollar signFinding ways to increase your bottom line starts with taking a hard look at your overhead expenses. Even a business in a saturated market can grow if you find new ways to reduce the costs of doing business. The same premise holds true when predicting how long it will take your start up to turn a profit.

Review your goals

Most businesses pay certain fixed expenses every month for rent, insurance and capital equipment payments. Other expenses vary in proportion to business volume, such as inventory expense, banking fees and utilities. Adding monthly fixed expenses and average variable expenses gives business owners a break-even point. Monthly sales goals should always exceed the break-even point.

Consider your options

Payroll expense is often the first line item business owners consider when looking for ways to shave overhead, but it may not be the most effective way to save money. If your employees are using their time effectively to generate revenue, look elsewhere to save money, such as shopping for better credit card processing rates and lower insurance premiums.

Of course, another way to increase the bottom line is to increase your gross revenue. It may be time to refresh your marketing plan and consider ways to reach more potential customers without increasing expenses.

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About Chris Peterson

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