The Best Course of Action if You Suspect Abuse

conroe texas child custody attorneyAs any Conroe Texas child custody attorney will attest, it is not uncommon for unfounded allegations to surface in a hotly contested and emotional custody and visitation proceeding. However, if you have true suspicions that abuse is occurring at the hands of the other parent, including abuse by housemates or caretakers employed by the other parent, you must move swiftly to alert the court and protect your children from further harm. If this situation applies to you, we strongly encourage you to contact an attorney right away.

Steps to Take
Abuse against a child is a crime. It is often included under the umbrella of crimes of domestic violence, which refers to assault or battery against a member of the family. Domestic violence charges carry enhanced penalties and increased mandatory rehabilitative measures for the perpetrator.

Your attorney will encourage you to make a hotline report to the Texas Abuse Hotline at 1-800-252-5400. If the child has sustained visible injuries or is complaining of pain, you should take him to the nearest emergency room right away. Make certain to retain all copies of medical reports and findings as your attorney will use these documents to show the court that continued custody or visitation by the abusive parent is no longer in the child’s best interests.

If your child is facing imminent danger at the hands of his abuser, your family attorney can file an ex parte emergency motion to the court to obtain an immediate, but temporary, protection from abuse order.

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If you believe your child is being abused, contact the proper authorities right away. From there, be sure to contact the Peterson Law Group at 936-337-4681.

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