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Chris Peterson is an attorney and the owner and founder of Peterson Law Group, a Texas law firm with offices in Bryan/College Station and Kingwood. He mainly practices in the areas of Estate Planning and Business Planning. Chris is also a Certified Estate Planner. Besides his law practice, Chris is a serial entrepreneur and community volunteer. He is known for his cutting edge law practice that utilizes technology to deliver efficient, excellent work.

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Obtaining a Credit Card during a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Federal bankruptcy laws have in place numerous protections against abuse. One of these is stringent accountability of the debtor and legal agent who advises the debtor. Your College Station bankruptcy attorney will strongly advise you against obtaining or using a credit card while a Chapter 13 … [Read more...]

How Eviction Works

If you are a landlord, it is very important that you be familiar with the eviction laws. The eviction process can prove difficult, so you should strongly consider working with a Bryan real estate attorney. Termination of Tenancy Even though you are the landlord, you cannot simply tell a tenant to … [Read more...]

Tracking an Inheritance

At times a decedent may pass without leaving information about the location of important documents related to the will. If the occurs, you may want to work with a Kingwood  probate lawyer to assist with tracking the inheritance. Why Would This Happen? We all lead busy lives and often what may seem … [Read more...]

Child Custody and Unmarried Parents

Texas laws regarding child custody extend to all parents whether they are married or not. Except under unusual circumstances all parents have a right of visitation and custody. As your College Station family law lawyer will tell you, however, if the parents are unwed then the father’s paternity must … [Read more...]

Termination of a Testamentary Trust

Many types of trusts exist, but a feature common to most of them is that they allow the estate to avoid probate. Testamentary trusts are unique among trusts, and whether they can be terminated or not depends upon timing. If you wish to set up a testamentary trust or terminate one you may want to … [Read more...]

Texas Laws on Emancipation of Minors

When a minor becomes emancipated, this means that in most matters the child now has the same legal rights as an adult. There are exceptions to this, and courts only grant emancipation when it is in the best interests of the child. If you are seeking emancipation, it is a good idea to hire a College … [Read more...]

Mortgage Portfolios

As a potential landlord you will need to find a mortgage to purchase the property you wish to rent. It is a good idea to have a Bryan real estate lawyer in your corner to help with this task. Mortgages and Portfolio Lending Conventional mortgages are made by banks. When a landlord qualifies for a … [Read more...]

What Is the Difference between a Power of Attorney and Executor of a Will?

The person who is granted power of attorney and the executor of a will serve very different functions. Indeed, while both are generally appointed by the principal, one serves before and the other after the death of the will’s creator. Kingwood estate lawyers can help you appoint a power of attorney … [Read more...]

Successor Corporations

A successor corporation is a new business that arises out of a prior existing one. It is important to keep in mind that taking over another business can leave the new business open to liabilities. It may be in your best interests to work with a Bryan business lawyer if you wish to create a successor … [Read more...]

Does a Will Supersede Medicaid Rules?

Medicaid and its related programs provide medical coverage to approximately four million Texas residents. The basis of Medicaid is that the individual is of very low income. However, your Bryan probate attorneys will tell you that if the recipient has assets at his death, Medicaid has the right to … [Read more...]