college-station-medicaid-lawyersAre you looking for the right College Station Medicaid Lawyers?

Are you worried that you will lose everything due to the high cost of nursing home care? Are you stressed about leaving your spouse impoverished because your life savings was spent on your care alone? Are you concerned that your spouse’s nursing home care will leave you in the poor house? Do you need College Station Medicaid Lawyers?

You have come to the right place. At Peterson Law Group, we want to help you pay for the nursing home, protect your spouse and life savings, and retain as much of your life savings as possible. In short, we want to be the best College Station Medicaid Lawyers for our clients.

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Here are some ways that we have helped clients recently:

Qualify for Medicaid – The costs of nursing home care can easily reach $60,000 to $100,000 per year. Many don’t realize that Medicare does not pay for long term nursing home care. However, Medicaid is a need-based program that will pay for nursing home care. We have helped clients qualify and apply for Medicaid to meet their nursing home needs.

Protect your spouse from poverty – Often couples come to us after they have spent everything on the high cost of nursing home care and now both spouses are at risk. We can help keep this from happening through a variety of tried and true techniques that will allow you to protect significant assets even if one spouse is already in the nursing home.

Protect your children’s inheritance – We have successfully planned ahead with clients to preserve a dedicated amount of savings to leave children or other loved ones an intended inheritance.

Meet Medicaid’s Income requirement – Medicaid requires that participants meet an income test and an asset test to qualify for income. Many will be able to meet the asset test, but often the income test is failed because the amount of retirement income plus social security exceeds Medicaid’s income limit. In those instances, we have created Qualified Income Trusts (often called Miller Trusts) to help the client get qualified.

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