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Here are some ways that we have helped clients recently:

Avoid Probate We have drafted revocable living trusts for clients to pass their estate to their loved ones without the cost and expense of probate.

Second Marriages We have drafted special forms of trusts (called QTIP trusts) so that surviving spouses are still cared for while the inheritances of children from the first marriage are still protected.

Parents of Young Children We have created trusts and guardianship papers that provide peace of mind that children will be cared for financially and emotionally in the event of the parents’ untimely deaths.

Disability and Incapacity Protection Through the use of guardianship, trusts and powers of attorney, we have ensured that older clients are protected if they become unable to make financial or medical decisions because of illness or injury.

Special Needs We have created trusts to protect clients with special needs so that they are provided for during their lifetime and so that they continue to receive the assistance they need and deserve from government programs.

Protect Assets We have many clients that are worried that their nest eggs will be taken due to frivolous litigation.  Using court-tested techniques we have successfully protected those assets thereby giving our clients peace of mind.

 Transfer of Wealth to the Next Generation We have successfully helped clients put in place estate planning techniques that allow them to transfer their hard-earned wealth to their children and grandchildren.

Avoid Estate Taxes We have successfully assisted clients in eliminating or reducing unnecessary and unwarranted taxes being paid after their deaths.

End of Life Decisions – Unfortunately death is part of life, but we can help you stay in control of the dying process through the use of Living Wills, Advanced Medical Directives and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders. These can be especially helpful in terminal condition or hospice admission situations.

Maybe you are much like one of these clients. If so, call our Brazos County Estate Law Attorney office now at (979) 703-7014 to get started or fill out the contact form below.


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