A Conroe Real Estate Attorney on Changes to Texas’ Eviction Law

Eviction proceedings can be brought against a tenant for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is non-payment of rent. Landlords often must resort to taking such tenants to court and ask that a decision be rendered which requires payment of back rent. As your Conroe real estate attorney can explain, a recent ruling has led to certain changes in this process.

A Conroe Real Estate Attorney on Rules 500-507

Beginning September 1, 2013 claims against tenants will be governed by Rules 500-507 of Part V of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure. Most notably the new law limits the amount of non-paid rent for which a landlord may seek remuneration. As a Conroe real estate attorney will advise, a claim for non-payment is limited to $10,000. It should be noted that this figure does not include such additional costs as attorney and court fees. This claim can be joined with an eviction case.

As your Conroe real estate attorney will tell you, landlords will continue to be bear the burden of proof that such back rent is owed. Furthermore, the landlord must serve the tenant with written notice of his intention to evict and/or seek civil remedy for non-payment. Both parties can present evidence in court to support their side with bank statements, cancelled checks, rent receipts, etc. Moreover, a Conroe real estate attorney can provide legal assistance.

If You Need a Conroe Real Estate Attorney

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