What to Know about Probate

Probate has a reputation for being expensive, lengthy, and difficult. While all three of these characteristics can be accurate, the probate process is necessary for the majority of estates. Probate can be very complicated and it is important to hire knowledgeable Bryan probate attorneys to help you … [Read more...]

Family Owned Businesses

The family business often fails after the retirement or death of the founder. Numerous factors account for this, but it is essential that when making your estate plans you and your College Station estate lawyer include a process for maintaining the business successfully into the next … [Read more...]

Reworking Your Estate Plan before You Marry Again

It is common knowledge that just over half of all marriages today end in divorce. Other individuals lose their spouses through death. The result is that remarriage has become very frequent. Getting married a second time, however, can be accompanied by some difficult and complex financial issues, and … [Read more...]

Financing Private Real Estate

If you are a private real estate investor, you may for a variety of reasons need to consider an alternative method of financing a purchase. While bank and credit union loans are by far the mainstay of financing real estate, there are options. It is important to consult a College Station real estate … [Read more...]

Workers’ Compensation and the Small Business

If yours is a small business operating in Texas, you may be of the assumption that you do not need to carry workers’ compensation insurance. While this is to some extent true, you need to tread lightly, for you can find yourself in legal difficulties otherwise. It is always a good idea to speak with … [Read more...]

Estate Planning for Your Pet

For many people, a pet is a member of the  family. As such, they have a concern about the welfare of their dog, cat, horse, etc. in the event of their death. Planning for the care of your pet is a specialized area of estate law. Your Bryan estate attorney will help you understand your options and … [Read more...]

Directives to Physicians and Family or Surrogates

An important document for anyone to have is an Advance Directive, more formally known as a Directive to Physicians and Family or Surrogates. No one knows when an accident will leave a person incapacitated and unable to make healthcare decisions. Your Bryan estate lawyers will help you draw up this … [Read more...]

Dealing with Negative Net Worth in a Business

  Whether yours is a partnership, limited liability company, sole proprietorship or corporation, the notion of having indebtedness that is greater than your assets can be very disturbing. However, with the work of a College Station business attorney you may well find yourself able to manage … [Read more...]

What Is a Trustee and What Is His Role in My Bankruptcy?

When you file bankruptcy, the court will appoint a trustee to your case. This is true for both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, although the function of the trustee differs significantly. Your Bryan bankruptcy attorney will help you when you deal with the trustee, but it is important to keep … [Read more...]

Probate Shortcuts

Probate can be a long and arduous process. Beneficiaries may be left waiting for an extended period of time before assets in an estate are released by the probate court for distribution, thus causing undue hardship. If you are concerned about a lengthy probate you should consult your College Station … [Read more...]