How to Apply for Medicaid

Medicaid is an assistance program funded through both the federal and state governments and managed by the individual state. A recipient of Medicaid in one state, therefore, may find a difference in qualification requirements when they move to Texas. A Conroe elder law attorney can help you … [Read more...]

Business and Labor Unite to Seek Reform on Independent Contractor Issue

Business groups and labor advocacy groups in the Austin area have united in a common goal: Root out construction companies who undercut the competition by cheating. According to the protestors, some construction companies intentionally mislabel workers as independent contractors, rather than … [Read more...]

How to Get Full Custody of a Child

Obtaining full custody of a child can be rather challenging in Texas family courts. This is because it is assumed that joint custody is generally most beneficial to the children. Whether you are getting a divorce or are divorced and need a modification to obtain full custody, it is highly advisable … [Read more...]

What Are Trusts?

Estate planning is essential for anyone who possesses assets wants to ensure that they are distributed among chosen heirs in case of death. Trusts are among the most effective components of estate planning, and a Conroe trust attorney can help you decide which type is best for your circumstances. … [Read more...]

Are Children Born Out of Wedlock Entitled to Inherit?

Under Texas law, the parent-child relationship extends to every child, whether the parents were married or not. If a person dies without a will, the estate passes to the person’s descendants according to the laws of intestate distribution. For inheritance purposes, the law does not differentiate … [Read more...]

What Is a Partnership Agreement?

Whenever individuals enter into a business arrangement, it is important to set up an agreement, or set of guidelines, by which to conduct the enterprise. A well-designed partnership agreement can help prevent disputes and other issues later on. It is in your best interests to work with a Conroe … [Read more...]

What Is the Probate Estate?

A person’s estate is his assets. These assets take the form of bank accounts, real property, personal property, stock holdings, interest in a business, etc. When a person dies parts of the estate—or all of it—may be subject to probate. Working with a Conroe probate attorney in planning your estate … [Read more...]

When You Can Modify a Child Support Order?

The rules for modifying child support in Texas are very specific. You cannot simply request a modification on a whim, such as if you get angry with the other parent. It is advisable that you work with a Conroe child support attorney who can make sure that you present a logical and compelling … [Read more...]

What Does Right of Survivorship Mean?

We all know property can have one owner or multiple owners. What you may not know is that property can be owned in different ways. When two or more people own property, whether it is land, a bank account or other assets, one way the property can be owned is as joint owners with right of … [Read more...]

Is Probate Necessary for Mom or Dad’s Small Estate?

We’ve devoted several articles lately to distinguishing which assets are considered part of an estate after a person passes away and how to avoid probate for some or all of your assets prior to death. Those questions come up frequently regarding large estates. Today, we are going to switch gears and … [Read more...]