How Often Can I File Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy laws were designed to assist people who honestly fall into difficult financial straits. It is not intended as a way to bail people out who continually find themselves in debt due to carelessness. That said, it is not uncommon in today’s economy for a person who previously filed to need to … [Read more...]

How Does Adoption Work in Texas?

Adoption is a lifelong commitment to a child, and must be entered into with the utmost consideration and care. The public agency responsible for adoptions requires prospective parents to meet certain standards to ensure that the adoptive children are placed appropriately and safely. As such, the … [Read more...]

Understanding Probate in Texas

When someone in Texas dies owning property, the probate process works to transfer ownership of the property to the person’s surviving heirs and pay claims against the estate. After claims have been paid, if the deceased person left a valid will, the property will go to the heirs named in the will. … [Read more...]

What Is a QTIP Trust?

Among the most prevalent concerns for married couples who are engaged in estate planning are how to delay payment of estate taxes, and how to make sure that the proper heirs receive the assets in the trust. Numerous trusts exist that allow both for the postponement of estate taxes until the death of … [Read more...]

Contempt of Divorce Decree

You may think of a contempt charge in terms of criminal proceedings, but it can be applied to any violation of a court order—even to family court matters. The ramifications for violating a divorce decree can be serious; therefore, if you need assistance with a contempt charge you need to hire a … [Read more...]

Texas Law Treats Half Blood Relatives Differently for Inheritance Purposes

In Texas, when a person dies without a will and owned property at the time of death, an estate is usually opened to receive claims against the estate and transfer remaining property to the surviving relatives. In cases where there are no direct ancestors or descendants of the deceased person, the … [Read more...]

What Do Children Inherit When There is No Will?

We've written several articles about the disadvantages of dying without a will, including greater expense in handling the estate and the inherent frustration for family members who are left to sort it all out. While Texas law provides clear rules for distributing property to surviving family … [Read more...]

How to File for Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy used to be a fairly straightforward and simple process. However, recent laws have changed all of that. Bankruptcy procedures today can be quite complex, and if you don’t do everything properly, you may have to begin over again. For this reason it is in your best interests to work … [Read more...]

I Have Been Named Executor of an Estate. What Does This Mean?

In all likelihood, the average person has never served as an executor for someone’s estate.  In many instances, the executor named in a will remains unaware of having been chosen for the position until after a loved one’s death. If one of these situations applies to you, it's smart to do a little … [Read more...]

Limited Partnerships: Pros and Cons

A limited partnership is an entity formed to conduct a for-profit business and is comprised of a least one general partner and at least one limited partner. The partners may be persons, corporations or partnerships and their business relationship is spelled out in the operating agreement. As your … [Read more...]