Part 2 – How to Make Sure Your Heirs Need a Probate Litigation Attorney

In a recent article, we wrote about scenarios that frequently lead to probate litigation. Of course, we realize you don’t want to make sure your heirs turn to litigation, but quite the opposite. Being aware of potential problems, however, lets you plan accordingly to minimize or eliminate disputes … [Read more...]

How to Register a Business

The term “branding” has come into vogue in recent years and can refer to anything from an individual to a business. The naming of a product is one aspect of branding, and indeed one of the more important choices a business owner will make. A College Station business attorney can help you with all … [Read more...]

How to Adopt a Child

The requirements for child adoptions in this state are designed to ensure that the best interests of the child are served and that both the child and prospective adoptive parents are a good fit. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) sets the requirements for adoption and … [Read more...]

How to Make Sure Your Heirs Need a Probate Litigation Attorney

We readily admit up front that the title of this article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. We understand that the last thing you want to do is put your heirs through the anguish of protracted probate litigation – unless deep down you really don’t like them. In a best-case scenario, a skilled estate … [Read more...]

How Much Is Inheritance Tax?

There is much confusion between inheritance tax and estate tax. They are not synonymous. While the federal government used to impose an inheritance tax, it no longer does so, although it does impose an estate tax. Texas, on the other hand, imposes neither an inheritance nor an estate tax. If you … [Read more...]

How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy?

As you may be aware, the requirements for filing bankruptcy changed considerably with the Bankruptcy Act of 2005. The rules are now much more stringent, and, unfortunately, the cost of bankruptcy is considerably higher. It seems unfair, indeed, that a person who is in financial straits be burdened … [Read more...]

Why Would I Need a Probate Litigation Attorney?

Attorneys perform all kinds of legal services that don’t involve going to court, including estate planning, real estate practice and many areas of business law, for example. In a perfect world, we’d still need attorneys to take care of those legal matters. In reality, however, as we all know, we … [Read more...]

Another Business is Using My Name – Can I Stop Them?

This question sounds simple, but the answer is not simple. Whether you can stop another business from using your existing business name depends on a variety of factors, but boils down to who has the legal right to use the name. Business naming conventions are regulated by Texas law, so it is … [Read more...]

My Business is Being Sued – What Should I Do?

Finding out your business has been named in a lawsuit can come as a shock, particularly if you’ve never been in this situation before. Whether the citation came by certified mail, process server or some other means, the first thing to do is note the date of delivery on your calendar. This date is … [Read more...]

What Does an Executor Need to Do?

First things first. Acting as a personal representative of someone’s estate is a big responsibility, but remember - if your loved one named you as the executor, he or she must have believed you were capable of carrying out the task. Second, it is quite normal to have a ton of questions about what … [Read more...]