Oral Contracts

Oral contracts are actually quite common in business, and they hold every bit as much legal weight as written ones. However, there are difficulties inherent in oral contracts, most notably enforceability. If you are entering into an important contract with another company it is important that you … [Read more...]

Probate and Trust Administration

The mere fact that you were named Executor or Trustee by a decedent does not mean you are legally up to the task of handling the probate and trust administration processes. By working with a strong Bryan probate attorney, you will be much better equipped for the challenge, and not feel like the task … [Read more...]

Special Needs Children in a Divorce

Divorce is stressful for any child, but one with special needs requires extra understanding and compassion. The Texas Family Code has provisions for special needs children, for it is recognized that different types of solutions are required in divorces of this kind. A Bryan family lawyer will work … [Read more...]

LLCs and Corporate Formalities

Corporate formalities are the official records and activities required of businesses in order to maintain their corporate status. While corporations have stricter formalities by which they must abide, limited liability companies (LLCs) must also follow certain procedures. If you have any questions … [Read more...]

Legacy Planning

An unfortunate misconception about estate planning is that it is synonymous with tax planning. Avoidance of estate taxes used to be much more of an issue than it is now, for the exemption has risen to $5,430,000 for the year 2015. This does not mean that if your estate is worth less you do not need … [Read more...]

Tax Issues in Divorce

Divorces are often quite complicated. If a couple has been married for any length of time, they have acquired assets and built a life around the relationship. Among the more overlooked matters that need to be addressed in the divorce are tax implications. Your Bryan divorce attorney can provide you … [Read more...]

Military Divorces

The Service Members Civil Relief Act provides protection from lawsuits for members of the military while they are serving. The purpose of this is to allow for complete focus on the needs of national defense. This act can have significant ramifications on a divorce you seek from an active service … [Read more...]

The Trustee’s Role in Your Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy trustee is appointed by the U.S. Trustee Program, which is a branch of the Department of Justice. The trustee in your bankruptcy is not actually a government employee; rather, he is appointed to oversee your bankruptcy and make sure that everything is in order. While this is the case, … [Read more...]

Unpaid Child Support

Failure to pay child support is rampant in Texas and other states. In 2012, the Houston Chronicle reported that about half a million parents ordered to pay child support have fallen behind or ceased paying altogether. This accounts for a shortfall of some $11 billion in payments. If you need … [Read more...]

Using Home Equity to Get out of Bankruptcy

If you are at a point financially where bankruptcy seems your only option, you may be overlooking a way of avoiding filing altogether—the equity in your home. It is important to make such a decision only after strong consideration, and Bryan bankruptcy lawyers can discuss your case to see if this is … [Read more...]