Deciding whether Sole Custody and Joint Custody Is Better for the Children

When a couple divorces, they must decide upon which living arrangement is in the best interests of the children. The two basic arrangements are sole and joint custody, and whether one or the other is appropriate for a given circumstance depends on certain factors. Bryan family attorneys will work … [Read more...]

Who Gets Copies of the Will after a Person Dies?

Wills ultimately become public record after the estate is probated. However, certain individuals need to receive copies in order for them to carry out their duties in accordance with the estate and probate court. If you are in possession of the will, your Bryan probate attorney will help you … [Read more...]

Life Insurance and Estate Planning

A life insurance policy can be a useful tool for estate planning. However, a large policy can adversely affect your beneficiaries by increasing the estate’s tax liability. Your College Station  estate planning lawyer can assist you in using life insurance effectively. The following provides you with … [Read more...]

Second-Class Investors and S Corporations

An S corporation is a kind of hybrid between a partnership and corporation. Small business owners typically choose one or the other of these structures for their enterprise, but at times they do so without fully understanding restrictive rules. As you are setting up your new business it is very … [Read more...]

Investing as an Estate Planning Strategy

The purpose of estate planning is to save as much as possible from federal taxes and maximize the amount of the estate assets for the benefit of heirs. There are numerous strategies that your Bryan estate planning attorney can discuss with you, one of which is to invest a portion of the estate … [Read more...]

Can a Surviving Spouse of a Reverse Mortgage Holder Lose the Home?

Reverse mortgages are for many retired seniors a way to remain in their homes while using the equity to pay bills, take vacations, etc. Individuals who enter into reverse mortgage agreements are generally led to believe that surviving spouses are able to enjoy the same benefits, but this is not … [Read more...]

Can a Reverse Mortgage Cause Problems for Heirs?

Reverse mortgages have become very popular among seniors in the real estate industry. With a reverse mortgage, a senior property owner can borrow money using the home for collateral. The feature is that the loan does not need to be repaid until the last surviving homeowner dies or the home is sold. … [Read more...]

The Trouble with Credit Counseling Agencies

Financial difficulties are extremely common. Even before the Great Recession consumers by the millions experienced often very serious problems paying off bills and making ends meet. Whether this is attributable to a growing carelessness with the proliferation of credit, or to an increase in the cost … [Read more...]

The Rules for HUD Closings Changes August 1

Significant changes in real estate lending are taking place on August 1, 2015. The purpose of these changes is to help consumers better understand mortgages and disclosures, as well as make it easier to compare loans. Your Bryan real estate attorney can help you with any questions you have, but an … [Read more...]

Is Your Client’s Digital Data Putting You at Risk?

Maintaining files with digital information about clients, including identification information, is simply a necessary part of doing business these days. Prior to maintaining cyber files, companies kept client information in filing cabinets. Unfortunately, by placing such information into the virtual … [Read more...]