What Is a Limited Liability Partnership?

A limited liability partnership is a business entity which is well-suited to those who wish to enjoy the benefits of a partnership without some of the liability issues that are inherent. A Conroe partnership attorney can help you decide if a limited liability partnership or other business form is … [Read more...]

How Does Probate Work?

The term “probate” seems to have come to be synonymous with unnecessary bureaucratic red tape and legal ineffectiveness. This could not be further from the truth, however, for probate is a very important component in the division of estate assets. A College Station Probate Attorney can help if you … [Read more...]

What Should You Include in Your Funeral Instructions? 

The instructions you leave for your final arrangements can be as detailed as you want them to be. You can plan and pay for your funeral well in advance of your death if you choose. Some people have a few special instructions and leave the rest up to the family. Others do not have any specific … [Read more...]

How Much Does a Living Trust Cost?

Living trusts are for some people excellent estate planning tools. While a living trust does not eliminate the need for a will, it does facilitate the probate process later, and still allows for use of the assets if you become incapacitated. A Conroe Living Trust Attorney can help you determine … [Read more...]

How to Adopt a Stepchild

Adoption of a stepchild can greatly help a child develop into an emotionally healthy adult. Stepchild adoptions do not come without pitfalls and challenges, however, and it is important to give the matter a great deal of consideration before venturing forward. A Bryan TX Adoption Attorney can both … [Read more...]

Who Pays for the Funeral in Texas?

This question frequently comes up among family members after a loved one passes away. If you’re lucky, your loved one made plans for final arrangements prior to death and either prepaid the expenses or set aside sufficient funds for that purpose. On the other end of the spectrum, in a worst-case … [Read more...]

How to Create an LLC

Limited liability corporations are very popular as alternatives to incorporation. The LLC allows you to enjoy certain tax advantages while retaining the protection against personal asset liens that corporate entities possess. If you are considering an LLC, it is a good idea to discuss the matter … [Read more...]

How to Obtain a Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is an important estate planning document which allows for another person to make certain decisions for another. There are several types of these powers, each of which will be mentioned in what follows. If you need to obtain power of attorney for a loved one it is important to … [Read more...]

Who Has the Right to Approve Cremation in Texas?

Under Texas law, cremation is technically defined as the irreversible process of reducing human remains to bone fragments through extreme heat and evaporation, which may include the processing or the pulverization of bone fragments. Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? Despite its legal description in … [Read more...]

What Do Corporate Lawyers Do?

For most any large business, a corporate lawyer is as necessary as a good accountant. Your Bryan TX Corporate Attorney can attest that corporate lawyers act in a service capacity to companies, and are essential to many business transactions. Specializations of Corporate Lawyers Most lawyers decide … [Read more...]